Summer Make Up Tips

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As Summer begins, it bring along enjoyable activities like Going out, Evening Parties,  Shopping etc. But Women get frustrated in Summer because it can cause bad impact on their beauty by destroying their makeups due to the heat of the summer Weather. Here are some Beauty tips to maintain Make-up of any Feminine.
1). Must use moisturizer and then apply primer and later the make up, as this is the best sequence especially for summer.
2). Instead of putting lot of makeup on the face and look like a crown, its good to wear very less and light colored makeup.
3). Apply bronzer once you are going out in the summer. But select an appropriate color, so that you do not look pale.

4).Try to purchase separate makeup kits for summer, since these use special chemicals that does not spoil your skin even when mix with perspirations and sun shine.
5).You may only resort to application of little mascara or eyeliner, if you are Borden up with heavy make up. Even only the lighter eye shadows would be good to open the eyes.
6). Use water proof eye mascara, otherwise, the whole makeup is going to be spoiled.
7). Pink is the best color for summer, May it be a fainted pink or flushing pink but it will definitely suit your face.
8). Apply light lipstick without using lip liner, or may be lip plump.
9). Keep necessary accessories of light makeup in your purse, since you might have to reuse it any time due to hot weather.
10). Moisturized lips are attraction for all. Keep lip balm in your hand, and apply it if feel dryness on lips.
The most spoiling thing on your face could be sticky melting away make up, so must take all preventive measures to avoid it. And to have a better and neat stylish makeup, above points will definitely help you having fresh

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